Pleased to meet you!


My mom- Sheryl

  Retired Law Enforcement and a woman I deeply respect.  She does what all great moms do- guide, give advice and give comfort in time of discouragement.  Not the first woman in our family line to be an officer, I am proud of all that she accomplished while in that role and that she inspired others to pursue that career as well.   I would have followed in her footsteps had life situations not led me in another direction.  My mom is a constant source of inspiration and is largely the reason I am still making Awards and operating my own branding company.  She is a constant source of information regarding normal everyday business situations, having accumulated much knowledge from her legal background and running hers and her husband's businesses for 20+ years after retiring from Law Enforcement. 


Me- Cristi, your Award Technician, Marketing Advisor and Business Brander

  You might be noticing the very personal nature of this page.  It is very important that you know working with me makes you an instant friend and colleague.  I will protect your interests as my own.   I am a person of deep convictions who loves to create new relationships along with the products for my clients; who tries to live life to the fullest and rescues animals as my little piece of giving back to the world around me. I have been in the Award and Marketing industry for 32 years.  As a Young woman I began with my dad in his Award based company. When it was time for me to go it on my own, I founded Code3promotions as my company name, because I felt like it was a good reflection of my goals and standards of business.  I have the same feeling of brotherhood and drive to protect others that makes successful officers in law enforcement.  Business generates a living yes, but it's helping someone achieve their goals that really drives me.


My daughter- Nicole

This young woman has such a magnetic, special personality.  Currently serving as a full time deputy in Northern Colorado law enforcement, my mom and I are so proud of her following in our family's law enforcement footsteps. She is my best friend.  Her contributions toward Code3promotions and her support of me in my life endeavors are too many to write here.  She spent 8 years with me at my dad’s store and many clients are aware of her outstanding work during those years there. She has typography skills that are stunning to see on an award plaque and she assists me still in various ways in making my art come to life in your product. This intuitive,  creative young woman  is the sunshine of my life and I am sure you will understand that when she may be the one to deliver your product and you get to meet her.